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Documentary Shorts

"Our society suffers from Nature Deficit Disorder.

We need to heal our relationship with Mother Earth and see the beauty of natural life."

Ann Marie Sayers

Ann Marie Sayers standing in the Indian Canyon, surrounded by indigenous trees.

In the Land of my Ancestors celebrates the living legacy of Ann Marie Sayers, a beloved Ohlone elder. Ohlone people are not federally recognized as indigenous nations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ann Marie used the Indian Allotment Act of 1887 to reclaim her traditional land in Indian Canyon, which is the only federally recognized Indian territory for over 300 miles from Sonoma to the coast of Santa Barbara in California.

This documentary short is produced and directed by Rucha Chitnis and was selected in over 8 film festivals with over 40 community screenings in Ohlone Territory and beyond.  

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