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A photo of Rucha Chitnis holding a Canon camera in her hands.


About Me

Counter narratives are a powerful antidote to a dominant culture. Counter narratives subvert, speak truth to power and center the agency of frontline communities. Counter narratives heal. My narrative and visual storytelling projects explore themes feminization of work, resistance, human rights defense and the possibilities shaped by alternative movements that are reimagining our fragmented and unequal world. Women are our world's farmers, seed keepers and guardians of the environment and traditional territories. This recognition is critical to create transformative policies that shift systems of power that are embedded in patriarchy and oppression.  

My photojournalism, films and stories are one effort among a larger collective of counter narratives that debunk the mythologies of a euro-centric narrative that erases histories, stories and knowledge systems. I am a fellow of the International Women's Media Foundation and an alumni of Asia 21 Young Leaders of the Asia Society. I am also an emerging filmmaker; my documentary short, In the Land of My Ancestors, was selected in over eight film festivals and was broadcast on KQED/PBS.

I also consult with women's rights groups and other movement-centric nonprofits on their storytelling and visual communications strategy.  Please stay in touch. I would love to hear from you.




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